Gaining Approval


What’s a Sustainable Electricity Company?

The Sustainable Electricity Company™ is a designation established by the Canadian Electricity Association (CEA), primarily based on the ISO 26000 standard, for utilities in Canada and worldwide.

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Electricity Sector Reports 22% Reduction in Carbon Emissions

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OPG, Brookfield, TransCanada Recognized as Leaders in Sustainability and Innovation

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Hydro One Receives Prestigious Sustainable Electricity Company Designation

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Annual Reports


2015 Annual Report

The Sustainable Electricity program is an industry-wide sustainability initiative implemented by the corporate utility members (generation, transmission, distribution) of the Canadian Electricity Association (CEA) – the authoritative voice of the Canadian electricity industry. The 2015 Annual Report is now available for online viewing and downloading.

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Announcing the 2015 Award Winners!

The Sustainable Electricity program seeks out synergies between the three pillars of sustainability – environmental, social, and economic – which guide the electricity industry to manage its impacts and contribute to a prosperous future for Canadians.

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CEA is proud to participate in the Network for Business Sustainability (NBS).


A powerful and growing network of international academic experts and business leaders, the NBS produces executive tools and reports based on the best academic research. Equipped with these credible, comprehensive insights, sustainability practitioners can confidently make informed decisions about their sustainability programs and initiatives.


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Program Overview

In February 2009, the utility members of CEA launched the Sustainable Electricity program to further strengthen their commitment to sustainable development. The participation in the program is a condition of CEA membership, and all utilities are expected to implement the program principles and performance measures within their organizations. Please download the program brochure for more information.



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