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Annual Report


The Annual Report is the primary public disclosure and reporting vehicle for the Sustainable Electricity program, a mandatory, industry-wide sustainability program developed and implemented by the Canadian Electricity Association (CEA)’s Corporate Utility Members. The goal of the program is to foster continuous member improvement in the areas of environmental, social, and economic performance. The program also seeks to minimize adverse impacts, and to enhance positive aspects of sustainable development.


Guiding CEA member efforts is a policy for sustainable development and corporate responsibility. Each of the 10 guiding principles of this policy is supported by specific indicators and metrics used to track overall sustainable development performance. The Sustainable Electricity Annual Report discusses the performance of members during a specific time period against each of the guiding principles, both quantitatively as well as by describing significant initiatives of member utilities.


Use the menu on the left to browse the current and previous Sustainable Electricity Annual Reports, and publications from its pre-cursor program, the Environmental Commitment and Responsibility (ECR Program).


Looking for the “2011” Report?


Note that the labelling of the reports changed with the 2012 report. For 2012 and beyond, the title reflects the year in which the report is published, though the performance measured is for the preceding year (e.g. 2012 report reflects performance in 2011).