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2012 Annual Report

Sustainable Electricity’s 2012 Annual Report, Transforming Commitment Into Performance, was release on 8 August 2012.


While we are pleased with the environmental progress and performance achieved this year, we remain committed to pursuing and achieving even better results in the future – Canadians expect no less.


The 2012 Report introduces The Sustainable Development Index (SDI), a new tool developed by CEA with input from member companies and other stakeholders. It provides an easy-to-interpret assessment of how CEA member companies are trending in their sustainable development performance over time.



English 2012 cover


Click here to download the 2012 Sustainable Electricity Annual Report.


Click here to download an Executive Summary Brochure of the Report.


We understand the value of a report you can hold, mark up and circulate. If you would like hard copies of this report, please download the PDF version or contact for hard copies.