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Annual Report 2014

EngagedForASustainableFutureFor members of the Canadian Electricity Association (CEA), engagement is about tackling challenges head-on, embracing fresh opportunities and working together to realize the full potential of the future.


In 2013, CEA members engaged on key issues of sustainability through the Sustainable Electricity program, working to make the industry’s environmental, social and economic performance even stronger.


The 2014 Sustainable Electricity Annual Report, Engaged for a Sustainable Future, presents the outcomes of their efforts during the 2013 calendar year, and shares the sector’s vision for a more sustainable future.


The 2014 Report finds that the industry made important progress in its environmental, social, and economic performance in 2013. For example:

  • The electricity sector’s air emissions have decreased over the past year as a result of the decreasing dependence on coal and the increasing integration of renewable generation sources;
  • An increased number of utilities report having permanent stakeholder advisory groups and formal process for improving stakeholder engagement; and,
  • CEA members invested a total of $14.2 billion in new projects and the refurbishment of existing equipment.


However, the Report also identifies a number of areas for improvement, including priority spill prevention, service continuity, and climate change adaptation. The sector is committed to making progress and taking action to make meaningful changes in these areas in the year ahead.


Use the menu on the right to navigate through summaries of the various sections of the report, or download the complete PDF of Engaged for a Sustainable Future here.


A summary of the report is available here.