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Sustainable Electricity Awards

Through Sustainable Electricity, CEA Corporate Utility Members have made a commitment to continuously improving their overall sustainable development performance. Celebrating success is a key element of the Sustainable Electricity program, which is realized through an annual awards program for Corporate Utility Members. Award submissions are evaluated by the Sustainable Electricity program’s Public Advisory Panel, which is currently chaired by the Hon. Mike Harcourt, 30th premier of British Columbia.


The Sustainable Electricity program has the following four award categories:

Environmental Commitment This award is presented to a CEA Corporate Utility Member that has demonstrated outstanding environmental stewardship in minimizing adverse environmental impacts, enhancing biodiversity, and/or mitigating and adapting to the effects of climate change.
Social Responsibility This award is presented to a CEA Corporate Utility Member that has demonstrated outstanding social responsibility with regards to excellence in health and safety; a fair, respectful, and diverse workplace; excellence in stakeholder engagement and transparency; and/or, excellence in aboriginal engagement.
Economic Excellence This award is presented to a CEA Corporate Utility Member that has demonstrated outstanding economic excellence with regards to bringing high economic value to stakeholders and to areas of operation, enhanced energy efficiency and conservation; innovation related to infrastructure renewal and modernization; and/or effectively addressing business model pressures.
Sustainability Company of the Year This award is presented to a CEA Corporate Utility Member that has demonstrated the best integration of environmental stewardship, social responsibility, and economic excellence.


Awards Criteria


Basic Eligibility Criteria

  • The company must be a Corporate Utility Member of CEA.
  • The company must self-declare that its application will not adversely impact the reputation of the company and/or the Canadian Electricity Association (CEA) in a real or perceived way.
  • The company must not have any major convictions, charges, and/or other incidents in 2014/2015 for violating any applicable federal/provincial/territorial laws and regulations (this applies to all laws and regulations that the company must adhere to). However, recognizing that not all convictions, charges, and incidents are of equal significance, the company may still apply provided a rationale is provided.
  • The company must be in “good standing” on reporting sustainable development performance to CEA on an annual basis.
  • The company must be able to show good overall performance in the category (environment, social, or economic) in which the award is sought for the year the application is made.


Awards Evaluation Panel and Process


Awards Evaluation Panel

The Evaluation Panel is composed of members of the Sustainable Electricity Public Advisory Panel. From time to time, CEA may invite other individuals with expertise on environmental, social, and economic issues to join the program’s Public Advisory Panel in evaluating the submissions.


Evaluation Process

Once the applications are screened by CEA for basic eligibility criteria, the Evaluation Panel receives a package containing:

  • Entry guidelines and criteria
  • Qualified member submissions
  • A scorecard to assist with the evaluation


Awards Process and Timing



The awards application and related guidance can be requested through Channa Perera, CEA’s Director of Sustainable Development, at


Application Deadline

The completed applications are due no later than 5.00 pm EST on May 1, 2015.