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Canadian Electricity Association Designates AltaLink as Sustainable Electricity Company

OTTAWA, Ontario – January 10, 2014. The Canadian Electricity Association (CEA) announced today that AltaLink, an electricity transmission company based in Calgary, Alberta, has been designated as a Sustainable Electricity CompanyTM. With this designation, AltaLink becomes the first-ever transmission company and second major electricity company in Canada to receive this designation.


The Sustainable Electricity CompanyTM designation was established by the Canadian Electricity Association for utilities across Canada. The designation requires utilities to commit to ISO 14001 standards on Environmental Management Systems and ISO 26000 guidance on Social Responsibility. In addition, companies must also pass a third-party external verification to ensure adherence of brand criteria.


“This is another significant milestone in making the electricity sector more environmentally, socially, and economically responsible in its activities,” said Jim Burpee, President and CEO of the Canadian Electricity Association. “I congratulate AltaLink for meeting the brand designation requirements based on internationally recognized standards.”


“The Sustainable Electricity Company designation is a reflection of our commitment to meeting the needs of our stakeholders, communities and employees through sustainable business practices,” said Dennis Frehlich, Interim President and CEO of AltaLink. “We’re honoured and proud to receive this designation from CEA,” added Mr. Frehlich.
CEA encourages all utilities to adopt, use and adhere to the new Sustainable Electricity CompanyTM brand criteria as a tangible and visible demonstration of their commitment to sustainability.


“As we continue to build and renew our electricity infrastructure, socially responsible delivery of this essential service is critical.” said David Morrison, President and CEO of Yukon Energy Corporation and Executive Chair of the CEA Sustainability Committee. “I applaud AltaLink’s commitment to sustainability and look forward to seeing more companies achieving this designation in the future.”
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