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2013 Sustainable Electricity Independent Verification Assurance Statement


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June 6, 2014


Re: Sustainable Electricity Independent Verification Assurance Statement



Sustainable Electricity is a mandatory sector-wide sustainable development program developed and implemented by the corporate utility members of the Canadian Electricity Association. The independent verification process is a core element of the Sustainable Electricity program and is conducted by an independent, qualified assessor, in accordance with CEA independent verification protocols. This is to attest that Duerden & Keane Environmental Inc. (D&K) successfully completed on-site independent verification of the following companies in 2013:


Manitoba Hydro, Toronto Hydro Corporation, Hydro One Inc. and Horizon Utilities Corporation


In accordance with the verification protocols, D&K Environmental Inc. utilized the following framework to ensure data integrity and conformance with the program requirements.


Scope of the Verification:

  • The degree of adherence to the CEA Policy on Sustainable Development – Corporate Responsibility
  • Consistency and accuracy of information provided to CEA on key performance indicators
  • Conformance with CEA’s requirement for an ISO 14001 consistent Environmental Management System (EMS)


Verification Procedure:

  • Interviews with senior company executives on the strategic direction/issues related to sustainable development, as well as their commitment to the principles of the Sustainable Electricity program
  • Interviews with select working-level company representatives to verify information provided to CEA
  • Document reviews and cross referencing of information for consistency and accuracy (e.g. annual reports, websites, information reported to government agencies)
  • Review of data collection procedures
  • Testing of calculations performed for specific key performance metrics
  • Review of environmental management system elements and procedures, including internal/external audits and minutes from management reviews


Verifier Conclusions:

  • A very good understanding and commitment to the principles of the Sustainable Electricity program by senior company executives and staff
  • High level of consistency between information provided to CEA and information published in other reports
  • Some minor deficiencies in reporting
  • Significant conformity with CEA’s EMS requirement


To ensure all companies conform to the requirements of the Sustainable Electricity program, the same verification approach will be utilized at the following yet-to-be-verified CEA member companies (in the order of scheduled external verifications):

  • Oakville Hydro Corporation
  • Ontario Power Generation Inc.
  • Brookfield Renewable Energy Group
  • Hydro Ottawa
  • Maritime Electric Company, Limited
  • New Brunswick Power Corporation
  • Newfoundland Power Inc.
  • Nalcor Energy
  • Nova Scotia Power Inc.


AltaLink, ATCO Electric, ATCO Power, BC Hydro and Power Authority, Capital Power Corporation, Columbia Power Corporation, ENMAX Corporation, EPCOR Utilities Inc., FortisAlberta Inc., FortisBC Inc., Northwest Territories Power Corporation, Saskatoon Light & Power, SaskPower, TransCanada and Yukon Energy Corporation were all verified in previous years. City of Medicine Hat, Electric Utility will be verified in a future year.
We would like to thank CEA for the opportunity to perform the verifications in 2013, and we look forward to the next round of verifications in October 2014.


For Duerden & Keane Environmental Inc.,


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Colin Duerden
B.Sc., Ph.D., EP-EMS(LA), EP-CEA


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Sue Keane
B.Sc., M.Eng., EP-EMS(LA), EP-CEA


<<Click here>> for pdf copy of letter.