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Sustainable Electricity

The Electricity Industry’s Answer to the Question of a Sustainable Tomorrow

Sustainable Electricity is an industry-wide sustainability initiative developed and implemented by the electric utility members of the Canadian Electricity Association (CEA).

By focusing on a three-pronged vision of sustainability – environment, society and the economy – the electricity industry takes a holistic approach to managing its impacts and securing its collective future. The program is built on the foundation of a thorough and rigorous process involving all utility members, as well as insight and leadership from a Public Advisory Panel. The electricity industry is committed to a shared future. Participation in Sustainable Electricity is a condition of CEA membership.

Sustainable Electricity comprises the following four elements:

  1. A Policy for Sustainable Development– Corporate Responsibility– CEA member utilities have committed to implementing the program’s policy according to key guiding principles which form the basis of the program.
  2. Performance Indicators and Reporting – Each of the guiding principles is supported by specific indicators and metrics that will be used track overall industry sustainable development performance. Utilities will report on the performance of these key indicators and overall industry results on sustainable development will be published in an annual report to stakeholders.
  3. Public Advisory Panel – A Public Advisory Panel, made up of distinguished and qualified Canadians, will provide independent opinion and advice to the CEA Board of Directors on the implementation of and improvements to Sustainable Electricity.
  4. External Verification – Implementation of Sustainable Electricity will be verified by an independent external verifier.