About the Program



The Sustainable Electricity Company™ brand is a designation established by the Canadian Electricity Association (CEA) – it is based primarily on the ISO 26000 standard – Guidance on Social Responsibility. The CEA does not certify companies for ISO 26000, but companies that wish to use the Sustainable Electricity Company™ brand must commit to core subjects, issues and related actions and expectations contained in the standard that are deemed applicable and significant to the company and its stakeholders.

The CEA recognizes that sustainable development is a must in the 21st century. Electricity companies and the communities they serve are increasingly and acutely aware of the need for and benefit of responsible corporate behavior and sustainable development. The CEA encourages all utilities and their partners to adopt, use and adhere to the new Sustainable Electricity Company™ brand guidelines as a tangible and visible demonstration of their commitment to sustainability. By using and displaying the Sustainable Electricity Company™ brand mark on their communications, qualifying companies can send a clear, visible message that they are part of the solution – committed to responsible environmental, social and economic practices, and to the principles of sustainable development. Use of the brand mark is open to all qualifying electricity companies (generation, transmission and/or distribution assets) and their supply chain partners both in Canada and internationally. The brand mark is granted for five years, with the option for renewal thereafter. CEA membership is not a criterion for qualifying to use the brand mark.