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The 2nd Annual Canadian Water Summit: Opportunities for Designing Our Water Future

How can we satisfy our thirst for water and make the most of our liquid assets? Discover opportunities for innovation, strategic collaboration and proactive intervention to design solutions for a sustainable water future at the 2011 Canadian Water Summit. The Canadian Water Summit is a first-of-its-kind conference in Canada, fulfilling the need for idea exchange and collaboration between diverse stakeholders at the forefront of shaping Canada’s sustainable water future. The Summit is a unique forum for preparing Canada to overcome water-related challenges by facilitating solutions-oriented partnerships between business, government and civil society and by showcasing success stories in sustainable water management. Building on the momentum of the 2010 inaugural Water Summit, the Water and the Future of the Canadian Economy report, and the report road show, the 2011 Canadian Water Summit will take an even bigger dive into Canadian water issues and focus on practical solutions to common challenges in the areas of business strategy, technology innovation and green communities.


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